Support The Gathering Place and Mike’s Bridge House

Athens Mental Health Inc., dba The Gathering Place is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible and directly benefit our services and programming for our members and community!

Our programming focuses on reengaging those with a lived experience of a mental health or substance use disorder into community life by:

  • Offering Peer Support
  • Recreation and Wellness activities
  • Linkage Services
  • Food Security

  • Mental Health Education
  • Recovery Supports and Referrals
  • Recovery Housing

Become a supporter of mental health and support recovery in our community by becoming a business or individual donor of The Gathering Place!

Donate Online Using PayPal

Levels of Support

Capital Donor – $1,000 and above level

This amount supports staff and facilities for our organization

Community Business Donor Gold – $500 level

This amount supports facility improvements for our organization

Community Business Donor Silver – $250 level

This amount supports needed staples of the drop-in center

Individual Empowerment Donor – $250 level

This amount supports educational workshops and outings for our members

Individual Health and Wellness Donor – $100 level

This amount supports daily health and wellness programming

Individual Courage Donor – $50 level

This amount supports individual linkage services for members

Individual Friend Donor – $25 level

This amount supports one of the weekly meals served at the GP

Membership Donor – $5 level

This amount supports a GP member with the annual fee for membership

Donations by Check

The Gathering Place
7 North Congress St.
Athens, Ohio 45701

Other Ways to Support

Kroger Rewards

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Verify account via email
  4. Sign In and click on “My Account”
  5. Scroll down to click on the Community Rewards Section, and then click “Edit Community Rewards Program Information.”
  6. Find Athens Mental Health by typing in our NPO number: 80307 and clicking search button
  7. Select our organization by clicking on the radio button:
  8. Click the save changes button

Food Donations

The Gathering Place accepts shelf stable food items for our food pantry, frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables. Protein items such as eggs, milk and meat are also gladly accepted! (Donations of Turkeys or Ham are especially appreciated during the holiday season!)

Other Items (Can be gently used)

  • Gift cards for $5, $10 to local coffee shops, Family Dollar or restaurants are accepted and given as prizes for game nights or member of the month.
  • Office Supplies of file folders, paper, notebooks, pens, sticky pads and envelopes
  • Any art supplies or musical instruments
  • Silverware
  • iPads, Laptops or Desk Top Computers

Please call ahead and let us know the amount of donation before bringing to ensure we have the space.

Gordon Franciosa Memorial Fund

Gordon Franciosa was one of our most active members and a wonderful and insightful board member! He was instrumental in forwarding our mission for many years and took part in music therapy, The GP band, “The Gatherers”, helped to publish two volumes of poetry, an avid participant of our fundraising events, part of the “Gardening Gnomes”, an amazing chef and our chief grill cook and a big supporter of our community art endeavors!

He had many other friends in the community and conducted amazing outreach for The Gathering Place, as he was an advocate for those with lived experience of a mental illness or substance use disorder and supported the journey of recovery in our Athens community.

We will miss Gordon daily, and his spirit of generosity will live on in the Gordon Franciosa Memorial Fund. This is being developed with funds from his proceeds and family members who wish to give back to those that we serve! So far, we have been able to help individuals who have transitioned to a new home with basic household supplies, a few individuals that are homeless purchase a tent or sleeping bag, and two members with car repairs. $2,950 has been raised in Gordon’s name by friends and family, and we are grateful!

Any designated donations for this fund go directly to members for basic needs, obtaining identification documents, car repairs and transitioning to a new household.