What is a peer?

A peer is someone who identifies with and shares their experience of living with a mental health condition or substance use disorder.

The Gathering Place members are peers who welcome all and understand their struggles because they have walked in their shoes.

What is peer support?

Peer support is the process of giving and receiving encouragement and support on the path to recovery.

With peer support, those with similar experiences:

  • create a bond that supports learning together
  • share new ideas and ways of being
  • break away from the limitations of stigmas

What are peer support services?

Peer support services include a wide range of activities and interactions between people who are experiencing mental health and addiction conditions. The Gathering Place is considered a peer recovery organization, and all services and programming encompass this golden tenant of offering peer support within all activity.

Peer support services are offered by a peer recovery supporter who share their own experience to help others:

  • develop their own recovery plans
  • set realistic goals
  • create strategies for self-empowerment

How can I become a certified peer support specialist?

In Ohio, you can become certified by taking training through the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. (OhioMHAS)

A “certified peer recovery supporter” is a person with lived experience who has self-identified as being in recovery from a mental illness health or substance use disorder, and has been certified by OhioMHAS.

Become a Peer Support Specialist

Becoming a peer recovery supporter is a fulfilling way to help others with similar mental health and addiction experiences. You will encourage and support others on their path to recovery while also aiding in your own recovery.

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