Ginger Schmalenberg, Executive Director is a part of the SETICC collaborative and helps to develop the annual TIC conference for our region working to ensure the peer voice.

TIC Regional Collaborative

As part of the TIC Initiative, six Regional TIC Collaborative have been formed. The Regional Collaborative will identify strengths, champions and areas of excellence as resources in TIC implementation identify gaps, weaknesses and barriers for implementation of TIC; develop a repository of expertise, knowledge, and shared resources which will assist in dissemination of information and support the implementation of TIC throughout the state, assuring that TI opportunities are available everywhere; train individuals to serve as local/regional/state faculty to assist in the dissemination of TIC; and, develop implementation strategies specific to specialty groups as indicated such as DD, children, older adults, AoD.

Southeast Ohio Trauma Informed Care Collaborative (SETICC) is a diverse group of professionals and trauma survivors who work together to expand trauma informed care in the SE Ohio region.

Trauma is a very difficult experience that results in emotional, mental, and/or physical problems that usually lasts for a long time. Trauma is a unique and personal experience, which means people may experience the same event and react or respond to it differently.

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Contact: Jennifer Schwirian
Clinical Program Director
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare

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